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No luck, neither in death nor in love: is it really over Isadora Duncan hangs a family curse?
The name of Isadora Duncan is well known in Russia. The talented dancer went down in the history of world art as a bold experimenter. However, the Grand success did…

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Guardian angel
This happened at the end of November 2004. Then I just got a passport, and my friends and I were going to celebrate the New year in "warm lands". The…

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Creepy illustrations that cause ambiguous feelings
The works of this Illustrator evoke mixed emotions – the viewer feels both emotion and anxiety. Created by the artist, cute and strange creatures that walk in the company of…

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Haunted house: 5 mysterious estates in Russia, where they promise a meeting with the unknown

In Europe, houses and castles associated with mystical stories are always popular among tourists. Ghosts that supposedly live in ancient palaces become a brand for which fans of the unknown are ready to pay round sums. However, in Russia there are no fewer places where, if you believe the legends, you can meet with ghosts. There is no doubt that fans of the otherworldly will get a chilling experience in these estates.
The estate was built by Dmitry Filippov, the son of a Moscow Baker. The secluded place for construction was chosen for a reason. In his own estate, Dmitry wanted to hide his beloved, the Gypsy Aza. He fell in love with her at first sight, as soon as he saw her in the Gypsy choir. He had built this wonderfully romantic mansion for her. Continue reading

8 mystical places of the Moscow region, about which different “horror stories” tell»

There are a lot of beautiful and mysterious places in the Moscow region, but there are special areas in the region that are considered abnormal and even mystical by local residents. To believe these rumors or not-everyone decides for himself. In any case, especially desperate and curious travelers will be interested to visit such places and test their “magic effect” on themselves.

1. Strange sounds in the village
In the Sergiev Posad district of the Moscow region, there is a village called Ryazan, whose residents often talk about certain auditory hallucinations. Continue reading

Why runes of the ancient Germans are considered magical and how they can help

Runes carry information not only about the past, but also about the future – so the ancient tribes believed, and modern followers of occultism also proclaim this. What is the reason for the influence of these signs on human consciousness, and why for many hundreds of years runes retain such an important place in culture?

Runes are the alphabet of Germanic tribes that inhabited Scandinavia and the surrounding lands at the beginning of the era, and later settled over most of Europe. According to the most popular version, the runes are derived from the Etruscan language. They are sharp, angular icons that were carved on wood, bone, or stone. In addition, many round gold plates – bracteates – were found with runic inscriptions carved on them. Continue reading

Two brides for one groom: the Mystery of the picturesque plot of the mystical betrothal of Saint Catherine

Among the works of masters of the Renaissance and later periods of the history of painting, there are often those that depict the “mystical betrothal of Saint Catherine”. At the same time, the essence of what is happening may seem vague – after all, the engagement in the usual modern understanding of the canvas does not occur. It turns out that the brides in these paintings could be two different women, but the groom – always one.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria lived in Egypt in the third century ad. Before the adoption of Christianity, she was named Dorothea and was the daughter of the ruler of Alexandria. The girl was famous for her extraordinary beauty, wisdom, and spiritual qualities, and was, of course, an enviable bride, but as a bridegroom she wanted only the most worthy – the one who would surpass her in everything. Continue reading

The secret of the Zakrevsky pyramid-the tomb of the Russian chief Prosecutor, who was crazy about Egypt

The mystery and hypnotic appeal of the Egyptian pyramids has always haunted lovers of mysticism and the history of ancient civilizations. Fans of Egyptian culture in many parts of the world have tried and are trying to build something similar. On Ukrainian soil, for example, the most famous “copy” of the Egyptian wonder of the world was the so-called Zakrevsky pyramid, built more than 120 years ago. You can still see this ancestral tomb.
It all started with the fact that the chief Prosecutor Ignatius Zakrevsky, who was in the service of Alexander III, at the end of the century before last, was sent as an Ambassador of the Russian Empire to Egypt. The famous Senator and rich landowner, a representative of an ancient and revered noble family, had visited different countries before, but the Egyptian culture made the strongest impression on him. He was particularly struck by the grandiose beauty of the pyramids. Continue reading

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Seven rings of Pushkin: could the talisman save the poet in a duel?
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Mystical cities
Mysticism is the name given to any phenomenon or event that cannot be explained. However, there is still an incredible number of mystical places on the planet that have manifested…


Why runes of the ancient Germans are considered magical and how they can help
Runes carry information not only about the past, but also about the future – so the ancient tribes believed, and modern followers of occultism also proclaim this. What is the…


Shaman vs NKVD: the Sorcerer took mystical revenge on his enemies after death
Mystical stories associated with the death of shamans, evoke fear. If you believe the legends, the resting place has a mystical power, and all living things try to avoid it.…