Secrets of the "Ice man" superpower: how to defeat diseases with the help of cold
Climb to the top of mount Everest while wearing only shoes and shorts? Swim in icy water 100 meters under the ice? Stand for two hours in a container of…

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Shaman vs NKVD: the Sorcerer took mystical revenge on his enemies after death
Mystical stories associated with the death of shamans, evoke fear. If you believe the legends, the resting place has a mystical power, and all living things try to avoid it.…

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Shaman vs NKVD: the Sorcerer took mystical revenge on his enemies after death
Mystical stories associated with the death of shamans, evoke fear. If you believe the legends, the resting place has a mystical power, and all living things try to avoid it.…

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Seven mystical horror movies

Tomorrow Is Halloween. A time when you have to cut pumpkins mercilessly, tell scary stories, and, of course, watch horror movies. So we can’t do without the appropriate film rating. But I honestly asked myself, ” do I Like horror movies?”In truth, not all of them. Even very rare ones. I don’t like chainsaws, severed limbs, and rivers of cherry juice that pass for blood. I don’t like zombies and other monsters in rubber masks. But I just love mystical horror movies, where you don’t have to show blood or even kill someone to get creepy. I also like mystery movies, where you can’t immediately figure out who’s good, who’s bad, who’s alive, and who’s dead. Therefore, I made a rating from these pictures.

Although most of the selected films are famous and even cult, I will not reveal the entire plot just in case. Suddenly one of the readers wasn’t looking. Do not deprive them of their pleasure!

The sixth sense, 1999
Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Starring: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment

Malcolm Crowe (Willis) is a respected psychiatrist. One day, a former patient breaks into his house, blames him for all his troubles, shoots the doctor, and then commits suicide. After this incident, Malcolm works even harder, trying to figure out what his mistake was. His new patient, Cole Sear, will help solve this mystery. This is an autistic eight-year-old boy who claims to see ghosts.
Others, 2001
Director: Alejandro Amenabar

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston, Fionnula Flanagan, Eric Sykes

Grace (Kidman) with two children lives in a large house located on the outskirts. Her husband is at war, and I haven’t heard from him for a long time. One day all the servants disappear from the house. In their place come three new servants: a nanny, a mute maid, and a gardener. The house is surrounded by a thick fog, from which it seems impossible to get out. In fact, something strange is happening. Grace hears voices, and her little daughter insists that there are other people in the house. Locked doors open themselves. In grace’s attic, old photos of dead people are found – their relatives hoped to preserve the spirit of the deceased in the house this way. And even grace’s husband returning from the front can’t bring happiness to this strange, unsettling atmosphere.
Gothic, 2003
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz

Starring: Halle berry, Robert Downey Jr., Charles Dutton, John Carroll Lynch, Bernard hill, Penelope Cruz

Miranda grey is a very well-balanced female psychiatrist. She and her husband, Douglas, work in a clinic for mentally ill criminals. One night, she accidentally hits a girl standing in the road. But after the collision with the car, the girl continues to stand as if nothing had happened. Miranda loses consciousness, and wakes up in a locked cell in her own clinic. She is informed that yesterday she brutally killed her husband with an axe. The ghostly girl from the road continues to appear to Miranda, either mocking her, or trying to say something. The psychiatrist has no choice but to start his own investigation. And it is extremely difficult to conduct it from a locked cell.

The orphanage, 2007
Director: Juan Antonio Bayona

Starring: Belen Rueda, Fernando Caio, Roger Prinsep, Mabel Rivera

Laura lived in an orphanage until she was adopted by good people. Now she’s grown up, married, and adopted a child, too. Many years later, together with her husband and adopted son Simon, the woman comes to her native orphanage to create a new boarding school for orphaned children. In this house, the son has an imaginary friend-a boy with a bag on his head. One day, Simon disappears, and neither his parents nor the police can find him. Laura begins to find out what happened many years ago in this seemingly prosperous boarding school.
Astral, 2011
Director: James Van

Starring: Patrick Wilson, rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Andrew Astor, Lin Shay, Lee Wannell, Angus sempson, Barbara Hershey

Happy family: Josh, his wife Renee and three children move into a new home. One of Dalton’s sons accidentally falls in the attic and falls into a coma. The doctors spread their hands – the boy looks asleep, but does not intend to Wake up. Takes place three months. The sleeping Dalton is taken home. There are frightening paranormal phenomena happening there. The family moves, but the ghosts move with them. Experts on such cases report that the problem is not in the house, but in Dalton. Where he is, there are ghosts. To get rid of them, you need to return your son to consciousness. Then everything will be as it should be: a parallel world, frightening demons and a creepy old woman in black.

By the way, the sequel of the film was also surprisingly good.
House of dreams, 2011
Director: Jim Sheridan

Starring: Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Naomi watts, Marton Csokas

A successful journalist will Atenton retires to live in a country house with his beloved family – wife and two young daughters. And all would be nothing, only a strange stranger looks in the window, and for some reason local Goths hang out in the basement. Will finds out that five years ago there was a murder in the house-a woman and her two daughters were killed, only the father of the family survived. He is also the main suspect, Peter ward, who was placed in a mental hospital. Will goes there to talk to Peter, but the head doctor is surprised to say that will is Peter ward, he spent five years in the clinic and was recently released. Probably for nothing. You think I’m a spoiler? But there is no-this cunning intrigue the creators of the film revealed in the trailer. The story doesn’t end there. It will be even more interesting later.
IMB, 2013
Director: Vincenzo Natali

Starring: Abigail Breslin, Peter Outerbridge, Michelle Nolden, Stephen Mchattie

A model seed lives in the house: mother, father, son and daughter. But the phone doesn’t work, and the fog is thick outside. And my daughter Lisa is kind of nervous. She is the only one of the whole family who understands that they have a common “Groundhog day”, they are experiencing the same day for the hundredth time. And even vaguely guesses that their family may no longer belong to the world of the living. Lisa begins to find out how it happened and what to do next. And then a new character appears in their house. A very unpleasant character.

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