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The Bermuda triangle mysteries

68 years ago, on October 21, 1944, the ship Rubicon was discovered in the Bermuda triangle. The ship was in good order, and there was food and water on Board, but there was not a single person on Board. Where all the crew went is a mystery. This story might have been forgotten if other Ghost ships had not been found in the area. Later, this place will grow a huge number of legends and will be called the “Bermuda triangle”. I suggest you go to this mysterious area today. Don’t be afraid, our trip will be absolutely safe, because it is virtual!

Everyone has heard the phrase” Bermuda triangle”, but not everyone has a good idea where it is located. This is not a small patch around Bermuda, this is a very large navigable part of the ocean, and no legends will force ships and planes to avoid it. Draw a line on the map from Bermuda to Miami, from Miami to Puerto Rico, and from Puerto Rico back to Bermuda, and you get this ominous triangle.

By the way, this name appeared only recently-less than 50 years ago. At that time, an article entitled “the Deadly Bermuda triangle”was published in a mystical magazine. Another 10 years later, Charles Berlitz wrote a best-selling book, The Bermuda triangle, about mysterious disappearances in the area. Since then, it has become customary to explain the misfortunes that happened here with a mystical force. If the accident occurred in another area – it’s just bad and sad. If it’s here, it’s mysterious and sinister.

However, this site had a bad reputation before it was invented the name. They say that even Christopher Columbus, crossing these places, wrote in the ship’s log about the strange behavior of the compass, the glow of the sea, the panic among the crew.

Now let’s talk about what’s going on in the Bermuda triangle.

Ghost ships
Perhaps the most mysterious and frightening finds in the Bermuda triangle are empty ships, where all the people disappeared mysteriously and without a trace. The first such find is recorded in this area in 1840. The Rosalia, which had been found off the Bahamas, was in good order, the holds full of food and water, and the lifeboats hanging in their places. Only there were no people on the ship at all, and the only living thing was a Canary in a cage. At least shoot another episode of the X-files right now.

In 1850, an abandoned ship, the CEA-Board, was found in the Bermuda triangle. They say that at the time of discovery, dinner was still being prepared in the kitchen, and the people on the deck were met by a good-natured dog – the only living thing on the ship.

In November 1872, on the serviceable but completely empty Brigantine “Mary Celest”, the sailors of another vessel found only a sleeping cat. Such events occurred in the last century. All the stories are United by a plot: all the people supposedly disappear from the ships, and for added mystery, some animal is left on Board.

Missing planes
According to proponents of mystical theories, ships often disappear in the Bermuda triangle. Skeptics parry-no more often than in other parts of the world. In addition, The Bermuda triangle is a difficult area to navigate, there are a large number of shoals, cyclones and storms are born. If you take into account the busy traffic on this section, it turns out that there are very few ships lost here, rather than a lot.

But, in addition, in the history of the Bermuda triangle, there are cases of aircraft disappearing. The most famous of them occurred in December 1945. On December 5, 5 “Avengers”torpedo bombers took off from the US air force base in Florida for a training flight. As the planes were returning to base, a message came over the radio that they were off course. A team of experienced pilots was lost in the air in absolutely clear weather. The story was filled with incredible and improbable details: during radio sessions, the pilots allegedly reported failures in navigation equipment, strange observations, and almost contact with aliens.

The horror of this story is added by the fact that the twin-engine plane “Martin Mariner”, which was sent to search for “Evengers”, also disappeared without a trace.

In addition, several other aircraft were reported missing in the area.

To explain the events taking place in the Bermuda triangle, there are a huge number of versions: from near-scientific to completely fantastic. In my opinion, these versions are much more than the mysterious events themselves.

According to one of them, the reason for the disappearance of ships in large bubbles of methane that rise from the bottom. Methane has a lower density than water, and when a ship collides with it, it immediately sinks. However, this theory does not explain the disappearance of planes and empty abandoned ships.

Another theory suggests that ultrasonic waves propagate in this area, causing mental disorders or panic in people because of which they, for example, leave a completely serviceable ship.

More fantastic theories speak of time and space travel, alien abductions, sea monsters, and the machinations of the legendary Atlantis.

And skeptics believe that the only reason for the mysterious disasters that occur in the Bermuda triangle is… the legend of the Bermuda triangle. In their opinion, the authors and supporters of this legend deliberately falsify the facts, attribute events that occurred in other places to this area, and make up some stories in General. In this case, I’m ready to agree with them: after all, if you think about it, not so many troubles happened in the Bermuda triangle, and the degree of their mystery depends entirely on the narrator.

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