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Mystical story of the painting of Ivan Kramskoy "Mermaids»
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Journey into mystery: the most mysterious places

Our globe seems to have no more white spots – everything is open. However, there are still mysterious places covered with legends. It is there that events occur that are not easily explained from a rational and practical point of view. The classic example is, of course, The Bermuda triangle.

How many ships and planes flying over it were lost there… If they were found, they were suspiciously undamaged, with no sign of people on Board. Yes, pragmatists say that in the area of the Bermuda triangle disasters occur no less than in other areas – just PR is PR. But supporters of its ambiguity put forward much more interesting versions: UFOs that kidnap people (of course, for experiments!), the inhabitants of Atlantis (apparently trying to refute that they are a figment of Plato’s imagination), travel in time and space (and who does not dream of teleportation?).

There are also more mundane versions: for example, sudden methane emissions or the occurrence of stray waves. In General, as they say, the case is clear, that the is dark.

Let’s remember what other anomalous zones are known to mankind.

Devil’s sea (Pacific ocean)
The “brother” of the Bermuda triangle is a section in the Pacific ocean near the Japanese island of Miyake. According to local sailors and experts on the paranormal phenomenon, ships and planes disappear there with sad frequency, and special lucky people were able to observe Ghost ships and “flying saucers”.

Molebka area (Perm Krai)
Close to the border of the Sverdlovsk and Perm regions, the territory has long been reputed, to put it mildly, strange. In it, everything was observed: the fall of a cosmic body, the rise from the forest of luminous balls that showed signs of conscious and intelligent behavior, sharp changes in the level of charge of batteries and accumulators. Some visitors claim to have come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Unromantic pragmatists even here try to spoil the intrigue. Those who conducted the research claim that they did not record changes in the magnetic field, the soil samples do not differ from other local samples, and what tourists take for traces of alien civilizations, in fact, is nothing but garbage left after the copper smelter located here.

Haju (China)
The famous Chinese “black bamboo Hollow”. It is believed that for no reason whatsoever, people who find themselves there disappear-hundreds at a time. The expedition Of the Academy of Sciences of the people’s Republic of China, equipped in 1997, did not find any scientific justification for the events. Despite the fact that the valley is known as a place where not everyone returns, the tourist flow does not dry up, even official tours are organized and there is a trade in Souvenirs.

Valley of ghosts (Crimea)
The most beautiful place near the mountain Demerdzhi, which is not far from Alushta. Rocks and boulders of various shapes look like figures of people, animals, some mythical creatures or familiar objects. During the day, the mountain itself changes its color several times depending on the lighting. And fans of all the mysterious claim that some groups of” sculptures ” around them create a special aura, and all who stop in the Valley for the night are visited by hallucinations and mirages. However, some researchers claim that the reason for this is local plants that in the morning emit volatile substances that affect people.

The natural boundary X (Yaroslavl region)
This place is like honey smeared for alien objects and aliens. Local residents have repeatedly seen (or “seen”?) little green men who sometimes sat around the fire, then conducted research. However, strange phenomena in the tract have been observed since 1890 – suddenly a round object flew over the lake, crashed into the Bank, leaving a large hole in it. Inside the pit, fire arrows were found moving, and from the pit itself, an incomprehensible disease began to spread to people and animals. The pit was filled in, but a few years later another mysterious object landed in the area. After the event, the water in the lakes sometimes began to vibrate, and a person who was in the vibration zone began to feel bad and start talking. Fortunately, residents have found a way to fight the scourge: as it turned out, the effects of vibration are removed if you drink a little alcohol. Pleasant with useful, so to speak.

In General, the truth of all this – about abnormal zones – or not, it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. Who is more interesting. After all, to paraphrase a well-known saying: if myths are created, then someone needs it. At least, those who want to debunk them.

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