New year's fairy tales and magic plots…
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9 medieval curses that scared book thieves
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Autumn sketches, or fortune-Telling on coffee grounds

On a typical October evening, I was rushing to the store to restock my groceries. Hesitating at the newly opened tea and coffee Department, I caught the thought: “I’ll Come in!”A friendly girl, the owner of the coffee Paradise, immediately drew attention to me. I asked a lot of questions. While the girl was patiently describing the next type of coffee, with large, as if toy grains, a bitter aroma of rosemary and dry cream, a pretty woman entered the glass doors. At the word “Robusta,” she raised her eyebrows and, speaking specifically to me, began to take a lively interest in the presence of Arabica and that ” strange kind of coffee you mentioned.” What can I say, in the coffee business, I’m still a practitioner, I still have to learn the theory. Although the house has a large encyclopedia with a soft matte cover and juicy pictures of coffee… And the woman apparently decided that during my stay in the Department, I have already studied everything that is possible, and is ready to advise the best.

– The best coffee I like is Six grains, “I reported proudly, as the Mexico was weighed and ground.

I remember that among gourmets it is especially appreciated, but this was not in the Department. Alas! A little upset, the stranger decided to leave, but on the way out hesitated, interested in a Cup of China.

– Are they for sale, too?” Yesterday we needed just such… Imagine that – ” the woman said in a conspiratorial tone. – My friend and I were guessing on coffee grounds yesterday!
She looked at me and just beamed. What to say, in a series of gray days in my soul, nothing has long aroused such intense interest as her words.
– I never thought I’d ever do something like this, ” she continued.
– An old friend came to see me last night with her coffee cups. I have an old, old book that I bought back in the 80’s, and it’s called “fortune Telling on coffee grounds”. There are pictures there, too. We decided to try it on ourselves – to tell fortunes. They lit candles and cooked the most ordinary Arabica. By the way, the coffee was so-so, but the result… we Turned the cups… my friend very clearly appeared at the bottom of the number 26. She had been married to her ex-husband for so many years, and it was a pity that it hadn’t worked out for them. He had left her only recently. But the bottom of the Cup reflects the past, and on the walls – a young lady, apparently her daughter, with a large box in her hands-no other than a surprise or promotion is coming to her. I also have everything coincided from and to. We were surprised with the result, poohali, discussed and decided to make coffee again. And then, imagine, again from a friend the same number on the bottom! I don’t have any. Just a clean and empty Cup. There are no accidents. So, I was shown that “you already know why you’re bothering me with the same questions again?!”Such a story,” the woman said, and smiled again.
“Oh, my! I gasped back. – There are certainly no accidents…
I stand and think, and in my hands I hold the cherished bag with freshly ground coffee “Mexico”. The aroma from it is so subtle-subtle, slightly sour, nutty. “That’s it,” I think. – What to cook is, and now I just have to repeat the experiment of the mysterious stranger.” After thanking the woman sincerely and wishing her a good evening, I hurried home. Of course, I didn’t have a book about the magic of fortune-telling on coffee. But this is nothing. The ubiquitous Internet knows everything!

Flipping through the sites one by one, I again trusted my intuition and found extremely interesting facts. It turns out that the symbolism of fortune-telling on coffee grounds was developed in the XVIII century by Italians. At least, that’s what they say. The preparation technique is very simple: ground coffee must be placed in a coffee pot, pour cold water, saying the words: “Aqua boraxit venias carajos”. Boil the drink, stirring gently and repeating: “Fexitur et patricam explinabit tornare”. Then all the coffee is drained into a Cup, and the coffee grounds remaining at the bottom, pour out on a white unglazed saucer with the words: “Hax verticaline, pax Fantas marobum, max destinatus, veida porol”. It was believed that this is the only true way of divination, helping to address the demons directly.
However, the modern method is somewhat different from the proposed one. For divination, prepare a coffee mixture of coarse and fine coffee. One teaspoon per 100 gr. there will be enough water. Choose a small Cup with a wide edge and no patterns. Cook the coffee in a Turk or place the mixture immediately in a Cup, pour boiling water and cover with a clean sheet of paper for 1-2 minutes. Focus on your inner thoughts and drink your coffee (always without sugar or cream), leaving a little liquid at the bottom. Take the Cup in your left hand. Make a wish. Make three circular movements with your hand counterclockwise, so that the thicket is distributed along the walls. Then tip the Cup away from you. One of its edges should stand on the bottom, and the other-on the edge of the saucer. The Cup should be placed exactly at an angle, so that all the excess glass is removed from it. Slowly count to seven and turn the Cup over. Now you can start decoding the characters.
Coffee will tell you about the events of the past, present and near future. Images from the past will be visible at the bottom. What is currently happening will be placed along the handle. The symbols on the sides of the Cup will tell you about the future.

Please note: the most favorable hours for divination: 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00, 24:00.

Experienced fortune tellers to decipher coffee symbols recommend using only your own intuition and inner flair. However, there are approximate tables of interpretations of various images, numbers, and letters created by the magic of coffee.


1 – someone loves You.
2 – Failure, the disease.
3-Successful deal, profit.
4-luck is Ahead.
5-Gossip, gossip, empty talk.
7-Family happiness, mutual love.
8-a Quarrel with a loved one.
9 – a New acquaintance.
10 … 100 – Luck, luck.
More Than 100 – Longevity.

Eye – be careful and careful, especially in business.
A lady’s purse is an unexpected lottery.
Umbrella – you will need shelter.
The key is to evaluate the situation correctly and open up new opportunities.
Ring-independence, completion of Affairs, constancy, engagement. Two rings-implementation of all plans.
Swan – a good, quiet life.
Full moon – love, first quarter of the new plans, the last quarter – the decline in cases of uncertainty, depression. Points around the moon – marriage or marriage of convenience.
Fire-avoid hasty reactions and anger.
Birds flying – good news, standing-a successful journey.
Fish-luck in everything.
Dog-rely on your friends.
Flower – your wish will be fulfilled.
My first fortune-telling on an autumn evening ended with an unexpected result. The Cup at the bottom showed something quite unimaginable, but on the walls near the handle I clearly saw the image of a Dolphin. I refrain from commenting, preferring my imagination to wander quietly in the depths of my own consciousness.

Have you ever tried to guess on coffee grounds? What would you like to see in your Cup?

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