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8 mystical places of the Moscow region, about which different “horror stories” tell»

There are a lot of beautiful and mysterious places in the Moscow region, but there are special areas in the region that are considered abnormal and even mystical by local residents. To believe these rumors or not-everyone decides for himself. In any case, especially desperate and curious travelers will be interested to visit such places and test their “magic effect” on themselves.

1. Strange sounds in the village
In the Sergiev Posad district of the Moscow region, there is a village called Ryazan, whose residents often talk about certain auditory hallucinations. Periodically, they hear unfamiliar voices (although there is no one nearby), dog barking, the rattling of metal buckets, and other strange sounds.

Since there is no need to talk about mass insanity, most likely, these rumors were generated by an old-time legend told by old-timers about a certain mass death in the local forest of “strangers” (under one version, Gypsies, according to another – Tatars).

2. The elusive post
Not far from Ivanteevka, approximately in the area of the village of Komyagino, according to local residents and summer residents, there is a mysterious “black column”. Allegedly, someone who saw him in the woods, noticed strange phenomena: a passer-by immediately stopped the clock or stopped working the compass. They say that after what you saw, there is a very high probability that you will get lost, and some people have been wandering around the forest for several hours, or even days.

At the same time, according to popular rumor, if a woman sees this post, then after she finds her way home, she will definitely feel a surge of strength and become younger.

No one can name the exact location of the column, because it allegedly appears in a new place every time, and these movements allegedly occur during the full moon.

3. Mysterious mounds
Not far from Peredelkino station, you can see the so – called “Napoleonic mounds” – the burial place of French soldiers, whom our troops drove from Moscow in 1812.

Near the grave ramparts that rise darkly in the forest, strange phenomena also allegedly occur. The hands of the clock begin to spin as they please, electronic time on cell phones is lost, strange rustles are heard in the grass and bushes, and some visitors to the mounds have observed mirages here. They also say that because of the abnormality of this place, the corpses of Napoleon’s soldiers were not decomposed.

4. Ghosts on the road of death
If you pass on the road section between Lyubertsy Lytkarino, you need to be careful, because, according to a particularly superstitious owners at some stage of the journey, roughly close to the local village of Pekhorka, in front of cars and then there are strange pedestrians – for example, a woman with a crutch. Fans of mysticism consider them to be ghosts that appear here to frighten and confuse drivers. And in these places, cracks in the earth’s crust and magnetic anomalies were allegedly recorded.

In General, this section is called the Road of death, because there are very often fatal accidents.
5. Horror movies for speleologists
Syanovsky caves, located in the Kashirsky district of the Moscow region, have long been popular with speleologists.
Since the 90s, there are rumors that in the labyrinths of Xiang, you can meet ghosts and a mysterious old woman who can appear in the form of a girl. Someone connects this with the fact that in the XVIII century there were stone mining operations, and these “ghosts” are the spirits of dead workers. Others say that they are allegedly the ghosts of Soviet soldiers (in the Great Patriotic war, a hospital was located in Siany).
Some fans of climbing the caves tell about the miraculous properties of Xiang. For example, a narrow manhole called Shchuchy gives those who overcome it the earliest memories (almost from the moment of birth), and the cave “milky way” is interesting because millions of sequins appear on its surface under the light of a flashlight.

Also, according to many who have visited the Sianov caves, after visiting them, a person’s senses become more acute.

6. “Oval plates»
Not far from the Dmitrov highway, near the katuar station, you can allegedly see strange objects in the sky, and, as the legend says, they always have an oval shape and orange color. Therefore, the place is considered special, attracting “guests from space”.

However, in addition to these “eyewitnesses”, no mystical phenomena in the area of Katuar more was observed.

7. Even skiers fly here?
In the vicinity of the city of Klimovsk, according to fans of mysticism, there are regular cases of teleportation of people. There is a legend among local residents that back in 1978, during a ski trip made in the company of friends, a citizen suddenly discovered that his companions were not nearby, and he was in a completely different place. He began to wander through the forest in search of friends, and when he finally found the place from which he “teleported”, he saw that his ski track suddenly ended, as if he had soared into the sky.

In our days, too, you can periodically hear about such strange movements in space, but no one can confirm them scientifically.

8. The mystery of the stinking lake
In the Shatursky district of the Moscow region, there is a lake of a smooth round shape, which has long been called Smerdyachy. This name was given to it by local residents because it exuded a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide (now it is felt much less).

There is a version that about 10 thousand years ago, this reservoir was formed as a result of a meteorite fall. Interestingly, over the years, the water level in the lake has constantly changed, as well as its chemical composition.
Those who have been near this reservoir claim to have seen some mysterious silhouettes, and the most impressionable natures even claim that unidentified flying objects periodically hover in the sky above the lake.

We have listed only the most famous zones that are considered abnormal in the Moscow region. In fact, there are many more, because our people have always been famous for their love of mystical stories.

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