Atlantis, what is Plato's mistake? Where to find the remains of the Atlantean civilization?
Since the time of the ancient Greeks, this mystery has been haunting mystery lovers. The eternal question is already two and a half thousand years old. The first to write…

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A hell of a lot of wax and bronze. Horned self-portraits of Jan Fabre in the sculpture series CHAPTERS I - XVIII
The "great and terrible" Belgian Maestro Jan Fabre won fame with provocative paintings, sculptures, installations and art performances. His work is so shocking that the degree of strangeness can compete…

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The Bermuda triangle mysteries
68 years ago, on October 21, 1944, the ship Rubicon was discovered in the Bermuda triangle. The ship was in good order, and there was food and water on Board,…

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The Myths Of Atlantis

Divine Atlantis! Beautiful are your mountains and valleys, the voices of your nymphs.

Virgin are your dances, white fonts. Here the all-perfect goddesses bathe, hiding from mortals the mysterious beauty of the celestials, who are blissfully rejoicing in the Kingdom of kingdoms.

Here, on the Solar Throne, sits Hera, Queen of Theogamy. The pinnacle of wisdom of the Atlantic white elders.

Staritsa (in direct translation) Hera-the fat mountain, the Lord’s mountain, the House of God’s mountain, the Blessed mountain. Still an unattainable peak on the way to the Atlantic Olympus to the Christian Kingdom.

Hera is the personified Wisdom of the Highest, the spouse of the all-powerful Jupiter the shining, the father of lights.

Hera drives and protects at the same time. And this is one of the ancient Atlantic mysteries. Heracles, out of love, would not have performed any of his feats if the Hero had not been persecuted to the last hour of his death.

Hera is the high Priest of Melchizedek, the Supreme Olympian deity.Kronos ‘ Daughter. Her mother is Rhea, current, incarnating in time in shimmering, human dimensions.
Hera is the mother of the divine Marriage, one of the perfect and anointed children of the mysterious Father-Mother deity, personified in Surpassing Love, Surpassing Kindness, and Surpassing Righteousness.

Gaia gave Hera a tree with Golden apples, protected by the Hesperides in Hera’s garden on mount Atlas, for her fiery wedding to the Almighty.

The sun-centered, light-colored Transfiguration religion of the Atlantean Olympians offers man three Golden apples from the divine garden of the Hesperides, guarded by a serpent.

These apples represent the divine table of immortality, the table of the highest Wisdom, the fullness of gifts that multiply again and again for those who are madly in love with this superior Wisdom alone and remain faithful to It alone. And from this Grail multiplication of viands, the tables are full of wines and the sweetest meals, dishes.

From Samos spread the incense of the first theogamic wedding night of the Almighty and Hera. According to the legends of Atlantis, this is an endless night of bliss, which takes place with a thousand lighted candles.

Hera is worshipped as all-Perfect. In his unpredictable actions, Hera often borrows the divine belt from Aphrodite, which attracts even his Master, the Almighty Jupiter, to the God-marital bed, so that the King of kings himself does not cool down to his creation.
The sweetest belt of Aphrodite (the Highest Love) – inner heat, Divine Eros, passion for the Supreme. This belt is a coveted Elefante in the ancient mysteries, cults. At night, on their knees, they stretched out their hands to the mountain, asking: “Oh, Royal Hera! Our all-powerful Lady, Priesttheogamy! God’s Marital Bed! Give me, at least for an hour, the fire of the Highest Love!»

Gera has conceived, it gives birth to Hephaestus, the Blacksmith’s fire. Hephaestus weaves and fetters a fiery immortal body, one of the bodies of the Immortals for the ascetic. And give him the Grail sword, the Grail seal, the Grail shield, and the armor of the knight of love Above.

This God himself will be born frail and incomplete. And will substitute the most wretched spectacle.

Hera knows that the malice of the absolute will fall on her infirm son,and throws him from Olympus. Hephaestus will fall into the sea, be picked up by Thetis and put in a cave, where Hephaestus will set up his fire forge. And he will make for his saviours and for the whole race of Adam the necessary articles for victory in battle. He will bind a Golden throne of indescribable beauty and adorn it with mysterious designs. And send it to his mother. And she will be delighted with the gift.

Hera will want to sit on the throne, but before she can touch its surface, she will be bound by the unbreakable bonds of theogamy. And Hera would never be able to get up again, never be able to free herself from them.

Oh, how much the mother of the Olympian gods will have to scream from her Golden throne, prepared for her by Hephaestus. No one will be able to come to her aid.

Hera is the Mother of all things. Hera-the Giver of Being-reveals the highest wisdom. Weaves heraldic items for the Adamov family.

The basis of being is not prescriptive, fatum, but the sweetest procession on the ladder of God-conjugal Beatitudes. Therefore, Hera will sit quietly on his throne and will never come down from it. It would take millions of years and dozens of civilisations before she could attract the souls of mortals to the throne of the Sacred Theogamy, and they would finally ascend to the chambers of adoration and share with the goddess Theogamy the sacred wedding night – three hundred years of never-ending, never-ending signs from Olympus.

Hera will strike down the bloody and bloodthirsty Ares. His barbarism will be subject to the spell of Aphrodite’s Supreme Love.

Hera will touch the earth and give birth to the monster Typhon, the serpent thrown into Tartarus. The fifty-headed serpent of the famous persecutor of gods and heroes.

The Almighty will incinerate him with lightning and throw him somewhere at the bottom of Tartarus. But once again the vigilant Typhon will return to the Earth to tempt and seduce, because he is the guardian of the tree of life.

And it is necessary for the ascetic to kill Laton after Hercules, in order to get from the tree of original immaculateness the first substance and compositions of eternal life.

Hera first thanks, favors Heracles, and drives him away. Drives endlessly. And thanks to the persecution, Hercules and other heroes perform their own incomprehensible feats one after another.

Hera is in love with the Grail and patronizes Dionysus. So much so that he, a newborn, is torn to pieces by the titans on her orders. This is how the divine Cup and the inexhaustible wine are given to the non-thinking madman.

Rhea will then find her grandson and make up the pieces of his body, bring him back to life, and then let him go to life.

Hera will send the Atamant who raised Dionysus into madness. And will make for Dionysus a heavy cross – an endless scroll of self-deprecations, confrontations, slander and curses in the star where he will wander.

The blessed king of the Grail arranges his Dionysian mysteries. Among the sweetest delights, enemies will also appear.

Enemies will take the form of monsters. From the sky will fall the arrows of the Almighty, and from Tartarus from afar threaten, burning in agony, the Gorgons, the serpent Laton and the three-headed Cerberus.

The beautiful, virgin IO, the enraptured, bride of Jupiter, will be enslaved into a white cow and assigned to the hundred-eyed guardian Argos. Hera will send a damned gadfly that will not give rest day or night to the Ladybird.

Hera borrows from Aphrodite the girdle of the Highest Love and girds with it those who seek the Golden Fleece, those who neglect the insignificant earthly values, promises and pleasures and long for eternal goods, eternal Beatitudes, eternal joys. They are destined by Hera to go to heaven with a Cup full of sorrows,with every drop of their blood left on earth.

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