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The unsolved mystery of the “humpback horse”: what hidden knowledge could the author encode in the fairy tale?

When Pyotr Yershov wrote “the humpback horse”, he was only 18 years old. The genius of this tale, which has not lost popularity until now, as well as the fact that after it the writer was no longer able to create anything outstanding (the other works were clearly weaker), does not cease to surprise readers and literary critics. But fans of mysticism and hidden meanings find a lot of encrypted information in the “humpback horse”. They believe that in this way the author wanted to pass on some secret knowledge to descendants.

Yershov with the participation of Pushkin
This brilliant work, translated into dozens of languages and published in our country at least 150 times, is shrouded in a veil of mystery. Let’s start with the fact that the authorship has long been in some doubt literary skeptics. Since it is known that a contemporary of Yershov Pushkin, having read the tale, very highly appreciated it and allegedly personally made some edits to it, a version was put forward that Alexander Sergeevich himself could have written “gorbunka”. A number of facts are presented as arguments. First, the fairy tale about the Skate is written in a style very similar to Pushkin’s, second, the copy with edits made by the hand of the great poet, Yershov for some reason destroyed, and third, neither before nor after the “humpback Skate” the author did not write a single work of such a high level.

However, there is no direct evidence that the fairy tale was composed by Pushkin, for some reason attributing the authorship to a more modest colleague. The author of the text is officially considered to be Yershov, and the vast majority of literary critics adhere to this traditional version.
But if everything is more or less clear with the authorship, then the unusual plot of the fairy tale itself has long been haunting fans of riddles.

Parallel with Christian stories
Pyotr Yershov himself explained that the story of the adventures of Ivan and the hunchback Horse is not his imagination at all, but only a literary reworking of old folk tales that he heard from Siberian residents. However, analyzing the events that occur in the fairy tale and the images of its characters, supporters of the version of a certain cipher see many Parallels with the biblical characters.

According to this hypothesis, the wise king-maiden, whose father (the Sun) sits in the Sky – is the virgin. Well, the girl’s marriage to Ivan is not a marriage in the literal sense, but a symbol of the patronage of the mother of God over Russia.

This version is supported by the fact that the area called Okunevsky Ark, located in Western Siberia near Omsk, where Yershov allegedly drew stories from the people, enjoys the special patronage of the abalatsky mother of God. It is said that her image often appeared in a dream to local residents.

A peculiar symbol is considered to Be a fish-a whale. Since in the fairy tale the author calls the whale a Power, this creates associations with our power-Russia or even with civilization in General. And in the fact that Ivan warns the farmers living on fish about the upcoming flood (when the whale is going to sink into the sea), allegedly refers the reader to the events of the world flood and Noah, announcing the approaching catastrophe of a planetary scale.
In the fact that the hero of the fairy tale must get a ring, supporters of the version of the cipher also see a certain symbol. They say that this is the key to the secret Christian knowledge, and Ruff, who helps Ivan get the chest with the ring-they say, none other than Peter Yershov himself. “He walks all over the seas, so he probably knows the ring,” the author wrote, hinting that the key to solving this cipher is in his possession.

The boilers are of the lake?
Okunevsky Ark itself, by the way, is considered an anomalous place. Christians and Buddhists recognize him as a Saint, and fans of ESP – mystical. And it is with this area that three fairy-tale cauldrons are associated, which became crucial in the happy ending of this plot.

The miraculous transformation of Ivan into a handsome handsome man, which speaks of the extraordinary properties of the liquid in the cauldrons-allegedly alluding to the three healing lakes in the Okunevsky Ark area on the border of the Omsk and Novosibirsk regions. In fact, there are even more unusual lakes here, but Linevo, Danilovo and Shaitan Lake are considered to be the prototypes of the boilers. It is believed that bathing in them gives strength, cures chronic and even fatal diseases, and rejuvenates. Near the famous lakes, by the way, there is a settlement of Buddhists who spend long hours on the shore in meditation.

But, in addition, each of the lakes, like the contents of the cauldrons in the fairy tale, has its own characteristics. For example, in Danilov, according to the results of research by Novosibirsk scientists, not only water is curative, but also blue clay, which the locals call “mud”. And the water itself is saturated with silver ions, minerals, and iodine.

And on the lake Linevo (in the old way – Lenevo), also rich in medicinal substances, it was even decided to build a balneological complex.

As for the Shaitan lake, the water in it is considered dead, but it is called the most mysterious of all, because, as the locals say, it is bottomless. Presumably, at a great depth, it passes into an underground channel that connects it with the rest of the “mystical” lakes.

For a long time, the inhabitants of Okunevsky Ark had a belief that the healing effect can be fully experienced only if you bathe in three (according to another version – in five) local lakes in turn and in a certain sequence. And this is how Ivan from the fairy tale dived into the cauldrons! Unfortunately, the exact “recipe” has already been lost, so now those who want to heal are immersed in reservoirs, without observing any rules. But they say that swimming even in one lake is beneficial.
It is assumed that these lakes were formed as a result of the fall of one or more meteorites.

Political implication
Mysticism is mysticism, but the state authorities in different years saw in the tale of Yershov another “cipher” – political. For example, from 1843 to 1856, it was banned from publication because its text was seen by the censors as a caustic satire on the tsarist government and the Church.

After the revolution, in 1922, the Soviet censors banned the publication of the fairy tale because of the lines: “… everyone fell to their knees here and ” Hooray!”the Tsar was shouted at.” And in 1934, the fairy tale was banned, because the censors saw in the plot a hint that the son of a village kulak is able to get up the career ladder to the post of head of state in the Soviet country, which seemed unacceptable. However, such stupid prohibitions were immediately lifted, and the mysterious fairy tale still occupies a place of honor in the school curriculum.

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