Atlantis, what is Plato's mistake? Where to find the remains of the Atlantean civilization?
Since the time of the ancient Greeks, this mystery has been haunting mystery lovers. The eternal question is already two and a half thousand years old. The first to write…

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Magnet healing: how pseudo science helped to discover hypnosis
During his lifetime, Franz Mesmer was an extraordinary figure: some considered him a brilliant scientist and discoverer of the so-called" animal magnetism", others were sure that he was nothing more…

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Fascinating work, at the same time causing anxiety and emotion
The works of this Illustrator evoke mixed emotions – the viewer feels both emotion and anxiety. Invented by the artist, cute and strange creatures that walk in the company of…

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10 mediums of the XX century and their incredible stories that are more like a fairy tale

The 20th century will go down in history as a time of active development of industry, but even at a time when it would seem that the middle Ages with its chimeras have sunk into oblivion, there were unusual individuals who claimed that they can communicate with spirits and other entities that reveal them “true wisdom”. In our review, 10 incredible stories that you can believe, and you can treat as a fairy tale.

Alice Bailey, who was born in 1880 in Manchester, worked as an Evangelist in Ireland and India. She married and settled in the United States to study theology. In 1915, she became interested in theosophy and tried to integrate her esoteric teachings with the strict Christian teachings she had known since childhood.

In November 1919, she claimed to have made telepathic contact with a spiritual teacher named jwal Kul, who was apparently physically in Tibet. She heard a musical note, and then a voice: “there Are some books that it is desirable to write for the public. Can you write them? Will you do it?”. Since Alice was afraid of this voice, she refused, but Khul persistently telepathically asked her to do so, until Alice gave up. Their professional relationship flourished for 30 years, during which time 19 books were written on topics such as esoteric psychology, cosmic evolution, and the consciousness of atoms.
In 1986, penny Torres was an ordinary housewife from Los Angeles. She spent most of her days watching soap operas and was very surprised when she came into contact with Mafu, a “subject from the seventh dimension”, during a meditation session. Their first meeting was startling: under the control of the Mafu, she entered the bedroom of her young son, who was ill with pneumonia. There, she picked up an amethyst worth $ 1,000 that was lying on the nightstand, and the stone crumbled to dust.

On the morning of the next day, the son was healthy. At first she thought she was mad. The next evening, the IAF was also her husband Tony, a police officer from Los Angeles. As the couple slept, their bed rose into the air and they saw a giant man with huge hands and a “chiseled Greek profile” who was dressed in a toga. Penny and Tony were very scared, but it turned out that Mafu just wanted to ask permission to inhabit penny’s body in order to “bring a message of love to humanity”. Allegedly, they made a deal for 7 years: Mafu held seminars in penny’s body, where he taught people wisdom, and in return gave the couple prosperity.

Benjamin Krim, a Scot born in 1922, is a modernist artist who was interested in esoteric philosophy from an early age, particularly the works of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. He believed in the existence of Teachers of Wisdom, guardians of the Divine Plan of the planet Earth. In 1959, Benjamin claimed to have been able to contact one of these keepers, who called himself Maitreya, the world Teacher.

In 1972, Krim began to prepare for the return of the World Teacher, who is supposed to have been on Earth more than once in the guise of Christ, the Messiah, the Mahdi, Krishna, and the Buddha. Maitreya, who must correct global issues such as economic inequality, environmental damage, human selfishness and conflicts, will return as a teacher, telling humanity how to live as a family, solve important issues for the world, and take care of the planet and each other.

P TTH is a multi-dimensional energy entity from the star system of the Pleiades, which were contacted in 1989 with Jani king from Queensland, Australia. Via Yani P TTH allegedly said the “inhabitants of the third layer” words by which you can attract good energy from the Universe. Yani distributes his wisdom on CDs or in private classes. One of the main gifts of P’ttah to humanity is the “Morning song”, which must be sung every morning while standing in the shower: “In the name of the God / goddess of my reality, I thank you for the love that I am. Thank you for the love in my life and the love that surrounds me.

Thank you for the miracle of life that I am, and for the miracle of life that I see around me. Thank you for the gift of life, for this perfect body, my health, and well-being.” But one of the sites claims that Yani completely ripped off the entire idea from a Swiss man named Billy Meyer, who communicated with the aliens Semyase, Ptah And Quetzal.

In 1992, former flight attendant Barbara bell discovered that she could summon the spirit of Barbie. Yes, this is not a typo. We are talking about the spirit of a child’s plastic doll. The first message Barbara received was ” I need respect.” Soon, Barbara opened a service where Barbie could ask any question for $ 3, even the most stupid one like ” My roommate is a transsexual and he wants to know why his oestrogen pills are pink.”

Do not confuse this mystic with the eponymous Australian politician. It is about a spiritualist and author who claims to have come into contact with a group of multidimensional beings called the Hathors in 1980. The Hathors apparently entered our Universe through a portal near a star from the Sirius system, before reaching our solar system and the etheric spheres of Venus. They were previously associated with the ancient Egyptian cult of the fertility goddess Hathor, as well as with early Buddhist lamas in Tibet. Hathors are considered slightly more enlightened than humans and have a greater understanding of the Single Source of all things.

Visual effects designer Darryl Anka has worked on films such as I, robot, die Hard 4.0, and Pirates of the Caribbean: at the end of the world. He is also a cousin of singer Paul Anka. Darryl has spent the past 30 years telepathically communicating with an extraterrestrial being known as Bashar, who is allegedly the commander of a ship of the Essassani civilization, which lives 500 light years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Orion. Not only that, Bashar also hails from the future.

It all started in 1973, when Anka noticed two triangular UFOs in Los Angeles. Now he claims that Bashar’s teachings are based on a developed form of physics, not new Age philosophy, and can actually change people’s lives for the better. Bashar’s principles include four basic laws: 1. You exist. 2. The one includes all and all are one. 3. What you sow, you reap. 4. Change is the only constant, except for the first three laws, which never change.

Born Judith Darlene HAMPTON in Roswell, new Mexico. While in business school, she became involved with a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit from Lemuria, known as ramta, who fought the inhabitants of Atlantis, then discovered the secret of immortality and went to the “seventh heaven”. In 2014, Jay Z knight became “famous” for giving adepts a brew of Dead sea water mixed with lye at a school she established. This led to the fact that the adepts began to lose hair and appear huge ulcers in the esophagus.

In 1997, Geoffrey Hoppe allegedly first came into contact with Tobias, also known as tobita, an angelic being who spent many lives on Earth, but then took a long break after 50 BC.according to Tobias ‘ stories, he spent this time as the Archangel Michael and prepared to help people awaken “Christ consciousness”, which was first told by the Buddha, and then by Jesus and Muhammad. Through Geoffrey Hoppe and his wife, Tobias spent 10 years creating a network of spiritual teachers called the “Scarlet Circle”or ” Shambra”. In 2009, he announced his retirement, saying that he would soon move into a”biological shell”.

One of the founders of modern UFOlogy, George van tassel, began his career as a contactor, not a medium of consciousness. In August 1953, during a regular session of meditation, he allegedly had a session of telepathic communication with a representative of the civilization of the planet Venus, who soon told him the technology of human rejuvenation. The alien he called Ashtar was “commandant of Quadra Vela sector and representative of the Council of Seven Lights.” Ashtar said that if the technology of the hydrogen bomb continues to develop on Earth, the planet will be destroyed.

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Atlantis, what is Plato's mistake? Where to find the remains of the Atlantean civilization?
Since the time of the ancient Greeks, this mystery has been haunting mystery lovers. The eternal question is already two and a half thousand years old. The first to write…