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Haunted castles

Travel is different. Someone just wants to change the environment and relax, and someone is looking for new tastes and goes on a culinary journey. Some people like to get acquainted with historical places on the map of their homeland and go on pilgrimage, while others go to meet the sights of other countries and new culture. There are lovers of nature reserves and all kinds of natural wonders, and there are seekers of thrills with a touch of mysticism. These last ones go on trips to the most ancient castles, covered with many legends and famous for their ghosts. Whether they actually exist is unknown, but stories about them are widely used to attract tourists. In any case, to admire the beauty of ancient castles, to learn their centuries – old history and for a few hours to be transported to the past is interesting and exciting in itself.

Majestic castles that once served for defense and shelter from enemy attacks, ancestral nests of famous and powerful families, residences of kings and knights ‘ possessions. For centuries they have towered over forests, hills and plains, covered with fairy tales, legends and mystical stories. Witnesses of wars and alliances, heroism and betrayal, love and hatred, all that is inherent in all manifestations of human nature. Each of them keeps its own secrets, and the locals keep their own romantic or creepy stories related to the legends of ghosts that supposedly live in the walls of these ancient castles.

Castle Sudeley, England
England, perhaps, like no other country is famous for a huge number of”haunted castles”. It is unlikely that there is an Odia castle in the guide that has not been attributed to human rumor at least one Ghost. There is even a special road sign “Beware of ghosts!”. Perhaps because there are more castles here than anywhere else. Some British ghosts, like the spirit of Anne Boleyn, are not averse to travel to places of remembrance themselves, and appear to terrified residents in one or another castle. Others gather in one place, like the tower of London, the haunt of the British ghosts of prisoners who once lived there. Whether this is true or not, tourists from year to year are looking for thrills in the walls of English castles.

One of them is the castle of Sadel, associated with the names of Henry VIII and lady Catherine Par. The castle is located in one of the most picturesque places, surrounded by majestic oaks and lavishly covered with official legends, stories of the castle staff about all sorts of mystical manifestations. Two of the most famous ghosts of Sudley castle Are the Green Lady, the melancholy and sad Ghost of lady Catherine herself, and the Ghost of Janet, the castle’s housekeeper, who jealously observed the proper behavior of the maids and mysteriously fell down the stairs during one of her night “duties”. If the Green Lady or Lady Catherine, whose tomb is located in the castle, is rumored to have a habit of standing sadly at the window and in every way sad, then the Ghost of the housekeeper continues to “control” not only the staff, but also the girls arriving at the castle.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia
Slovenian castle Predjama, built in 1247 and as if embedded in a rock cave, is famous for its heroic past. The powerful and housekeeper fortress withstood many sieges, heroically defending itself from the invaders, and was even significantly destroyed in the 14-15 centuries after a series of long sieges and earthquakes. However, the castle, along with all the secret tunnels, passages and secret rooms, was restored in 1567 and remained true to its purpose. For obvious reasons, the ghosts of the castle, which live here in abundance, according to local residents who constantly hear strange noises, rustles, steps and sighs, are the spirits of the defenders of the fortress, soldiers who died during the numerous wars that swept over the castle. One of them is the Ghost of a Knight.

Himeji Castle, Japan
There are also haunted castles in the land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Himeji castle or White Heron Castle, can be called the most famous among them. The snow-white splendor of Japanese architecture rises on mount Hime in the middle of a peaceful landscape and really looks very much like a white Heron, which is about to flap its wings and soar up….

As any ancient Japanese castle Himeji has its own Ghost-Okiku. She was a young maid, loyal and loving to the master of the castle. After learning that the Manager intended to kill the owner of the castle, Okiku told the guard, who warned the owner of Himeji. The Manager decided to take a cunning revenge on the girl and stole a Golden dish belonging to the owner’s wife, blaming the poor girl, who was thrown into prison and tortured to death. According to another version, the Manager simply threw it into the well of the castle. One way or another, but for many years the spirit of Okiku wanders around the castle, whispering and crying, counting plates and dishes, and does not find the one that is missing, and at 9 am disappears… This legend became the basis for a performance that still does not go from the stage of Japanese theaters. And Himeji castle today became the setting for a movie shoot and you could see it in “the Last samurai” or ” Shadow of the warrior
Female ghosts are usually called by the color of their dress-a Lady in White, a Lady in Red, and so on. The Danish castle of Dragsholm, built in the late 12th century, is haunted by the Ghost of a White Lady, the spirit of a girl who fell in love with a commoner and became a victim of her own father. According to the legend, the father, learning of the unworthy choice of his daughter, locked her in a dungeon, where she died. The legend has some confirmation – the skeleton of a woman in a decayed white dress was actually found immured in the castle wall in the 1930s. And this is not the only Ghost of the castle Dragsholm, for its centuries-old history, 100 ghosts have gathered here, according to local residents. In addition to the White lady, two more became famous – the Earl of Boswell, imprisoned in the 13th century, and the Gray lady, an overzealous maid of the hotel that the castle was turned into, who wanders the corridors of the castle, checking whether everything is in order

In terms of the number and popularity of haunted castles, England has long been “competing” with Scotland. The most famous Scottish castle – the majestic Fraser, built in the XVI century, is located near Aberdeen. It is incredibly popular not only with tourists, but also with newlyweds. Yes, there is such a “fashion” for weddings in ancient castles, and if it is haunted….

And there are plenty of them in granite Fraser! The castle was built for 61 years and underwent changes until the end of the 19th century, so it is literally full of all sorts of secrets. Secret hatches, secret stairwells, holes in the walls and secret rooms – all for tracking and eavesdropping on guests of the castle. How can there be no ghosts? Now the sound of piano music comes from somewhere, then a lady in a black dress flashes in the corridors, the Ghost of a woman who died of tuberculosis

To Marie-Auguste-Gabrielle Berenger-Blanche-Drummond, the Princess will appear from the hall where She was murdered. Yes, and in the high towers of the castle, probably not all is well….
Castello di Bardi is a beautiful castle standing on a red Jasper rock near Parma. Ghosts are the main characters of a romantic story that happened at the junction of the 15th-16th centuries, when there was another war, which at that time was not counted. The troops of the castle of Baria were then commanded by capita Moroello, who was in love with a court lady named Soleste, who was also very partial to the brave captain. However, they were separated by another military sortie, which the captain led. While the captain was bravely fighting the enemy, Soleste went up to the bath every morning, looking at the horizon to see if her lover was coming with victory. Meanwhile, Morello and his army defeated the enemy, ordered his soldiers to tie bandages with the colors of the enemy’s flag as a sign of victory, and as it turned out… in vain. Soleste, seeing from afar the soldiers with the colors of the enemy, decided that her lover was dead and the enemy was approaching the walls of the castle. Without hesitation, in desperation, she threw herself from the high tower of the castle. When the captain learned that soleste had died because Of his rash act, he also threw himself off the cliff. Since then, his spirit has been roaming the castle, searching for his beloved…. Ah, how great the price for human actions can sometimes be.

Whether someone actually saw ghosts in old castles, or not, but there are a lot of people who want to try, especially since there are a lot of such” mystical ” tours for travelers who love such extreme sports.

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